Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ol' Red Bess Lays the BLUE EGG!!!!


I thought my White Americana gave me the blue egg. So today when I got home - no eggs in the lay boxes - I let the chickens out but Ol' Red just chills in the cage, then she jumps into the box. When she comes out I go check. There it was the blue egg! Still warm, having just been laid. So i cracked it right there straight into my mouth, DELICIOUS!! Just kidding.
So right now I get 4 distinctly different eggs. BLUE. GREEN. BIG BROWN. And little brown or PINK, however I think there are two small pink layers. Yesterday, was my first 5 EGG DAY(2 blues)!!!


  1. There is nothing like a fresh egg. Such rich, full flavor. And the deep yellow, almost orange, of the yolk is so pretty.

  2. Woot!!! Rookie Cookie found your blog and commented! YAY!