Soil Remineralizing Fertilizer

When I first started, I did loads of research about organic gardening. One such YOUTUBE gardener raved about the importance of minerals in growing vegetables along with the traditional store bought fertilizer - Nitrogen Phosphorous and Potassium(NPK). It seemed a little bit like snake oil.

I had already been REMINERALIZING my RO water for some time and realized that the water minerals and the garden minerals came from the same soure. Prehistoric shale - micronized for water solubility. I took some of this liquid mineral concentrate and applied it to a single pepper plant. Within two days the plant was a dark green and there was no longer any yellow leaves. Within two weeks there were more BLOOMS on the plant then I had ever had before.  There was a very obvious difference between the plant I had applied the minerals too and the plants I had not.

I order 5 44lbs bags.

It doesn't take much critical thinking to figure this all out.
Fact: About 100 years ago the US had an average soil fertility of 10%, now it's down to 5%, with inner city areas approaching 0%.
Why: Plants can be categorized by deep, mid, and shallow root systems. Trees have deep roots that bring up nutrients, these nutrients help build the tree and are deposited in the leaves. When the tree looses a limb or leaves fall, the nutrients that are in the tree break down and are redeposited on the surface of the ground. But what happens here in city? We trash are dead trees and bag our fallen leaves - basically throwing away in the trash soil fertility.

It is really of no question why areas surrounding volcanoes, where molten rock - molten minerals from deep in the earth - is spewd, are some of the only places were some plants can grow.

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