Sunday, June 5, 2011

You pick Garden Market.

That is right I am allowing people to come visit my community garden plot and choose their produce.

The garden is just off the freeway at the Scottsdale Garden Club Garden.

1. Over 75 different pepper plants.
2. 24 Tomato Plants.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We plant lots of extra greens in our garden to feed to the chickens. They love it. The greens add to the nutrient density and quality of the eggs. Unlike commercial chickens, our eggs are lower in bad cholestrol and higher in OMEGA FATS, this is because we are chickens eat a lower diet of corn. The greens are organically grown in remineralized soil. Enjoy.

BEST VIDEO YET!!! 720sq foot Garden

Tell me how you guys like the lighting, sound, content.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Video Test

I have been wanting to do a video for awhile but the garden was still in the growing phase. Finally, the garden is worth filming. It is just a test for practice sakes, but I think it is a good first shoot considering I filmed it myself. - BFG

The Herb Garden Cont'd

The lower portion the Herb Bed is planted out with leafy greens. Dino kale inter-planted with leeks. Swiss chard with bunching onions. Cilantro that make the most delicious salsa. More swiss chard, this time planted with carrots. 5 Basil plants. 6 cucumbers - pickling variety and marketmore.

One week after harvest.
Dino kale and leeks. SO DELICIOUS.

The Herb Garden

Each raised bed consists of two sections, and upper and lower. The upper bed was planted out with HALF of a $2 packet of red spring mix, consisting of a red variety of lettuce from the 5 major groups - Butterhead, Crisphead, Looseleaf, Romaine, and Celtuce. We use a bio-intensive gardening method, inter-planted among the lettuce are 3 varieties of radishes and 1 variety of beets.

Just harvested.
One week after harvest. Ready to be cut again.

 Once a week, regardless of lettuce growth, I cut each lettuce plant back to just one leaf. I prefer to cut the plants this frequently because the lettuce leaves stay smaller, meaning less prep later and 'baby' leaves seem to be more delicious.



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Growing Arizona Fresh - Raised Bed Project

Vegetable Enthusiast and Admirers 

There are total of 6 beds, some are slightly longer then the others but the basic size is 4 feet wide by 30 feet long and 3 feet high. Total plantable area is 720 sq feet.
40 Tomato plants
30 Jalapenos
30 Anaheim Chiles
12 Pepperoncinni
60 Lettuces inteplanted with radishes
12 Dino Kale
12 Leeks
24 Swiss Chard
Corn - Full Bed (4ft x 30ft)
Sunflowers for the chickens.

My planting style is complex. I have adopted a non till square foot method adapted for desert gardens.

There are also 12 fruit trees.
2x Plum
2 Avocado
Peach - 2 years old
2x Fig